Saint Simon of Cyrene


Memorial: December 1

Simon of Cyrene helped Christ carry the cross on the way to Calvary(Matthew 27.32; Mark 15.21; Luke 23.26). His son Saint Rufus (Mark, 15.21; Romans 16.13) is also worshiped as a saint.

Simon of Cyrene is mentioned in three of the four Gospels. He is often seen as the person who helped Jesus to ease alleviate his suffering. We must not forget that Simon was forced to carry bear the cross, he did not do it voluntarily. On the fourteen Stations of the Cross you can see it depicted in almost all Roman Catholic churches. Simon is often associated with the cross-carrying bearing theme. That Simon has relieved the suffering of Jesus has received a lot of the most attention in the tradition of the church. The question is whether this that is justified.

In a fasting hymn we hear the words: "Under the weight of the Cross, Jesus welcomes the Cyreneer." These words give us a completely different insight: the Divine Condemned is someone who more or less "makes a gift" of His Cross.

Was it not He who said, "He who does not take up his cross and follows Me is not worthy of Me." (Mt. 10.38).

Simon receiveds a gift and it made him a "reputable" man.

What the crowd saw as an attack on his dignity has actually given him a new dignity from the redemption point.