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Every week more and more pages in 11 different languages are added to Marypages. In total there are over 1.500 pages. We give consolation by illness, send prayers and many people are coming back to the Roman Catholic belief through Marypages. Since August 30, 2007 Marypages is a Foundation. The objectives of the Foundation are to maintain, develop and expand the internet website "Marypages" and promote the Roman Catholic belief with an emphasis on the devotion to Mary.

Please send this homepage to all your family and friends, so together we can spread the love of Our Blessed Mother Mary all over the world. And if possible please also help us financially. The economical crisis also seems to have an effect on Marypages. It would be a great pity if such a wonderful homepage should disappear because of lack of money. Only with your help Marypages can survive. Please make a donation to our Paypal account or through the Donation module. If your donation is 60 Euro or higher, then you will receive a beautiful rosary from Lourdes. The rosary contains a drop of holy water from the spring in Lourdes. We order the rosaries directly from Lourdes and they are all blessed.

Any extra income generated will be donated to compassionate projects with a Catholic basis. We are registered at the Chamber of Commerce Flevoland under number 39100629.

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God bless you and your beloveds,
Leo de Bondt
Chairman Foundation Marypages
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