Our Lady of Tears

Feast of Our Lady of Tears on February 20

The Rosary Of Our Lady Of Tears

In 1927, Sister Amalia received the ordinance from the Congregation "Missionaries of the Crucified Jesus" Campinas Brazil.

This nun in South America was privileged in a special way with the signs of Christ in her body. On November 8, 1929 at 9:00 am, when one of her relatives was struck with a serious illness, and according to the doctors there was no hope of recovery, Sister Amalia turned to her divine Master. And kneeling before the tabernacle, she offered her own life to save that of the dying. There she heard the voice of her Master, who said to her:

"Would you obtain this grace, ask Me for My Mother's tears."

And to her question of how to act, she received in response: "Pray in these words: O Jesus, hear our supplications for the sake of the tears of Her, Whom You most loved on earth and Whom You love most in Heaven. "

"My daughter, whatever the people ask Me for My mother's tears, I will answer them in the most loving way." The Tears Rosary was approved by the Church authorities on May 15, 1934, at the same time as the statutes of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Tears.

Oh, Mary,
Mother of the blessed Olive Tree,
Most Holy Virgin of the Oil,
touch me
love me
and heal my heart
in your way
through your love.

Pray on the large bead after the first 3 beads:

Righteous Father, true and perfect, through the sacrifice of the Sorrows of Mary, holy among the saints, during the earthly life of Jesus at the foot of the cross and today in heaven, graciously accept my humble supplication.

On the 7 large beads:

O Jesus, remember the tears of blood and oil she shed, who loved you above all on earth, and who now love you more fervently in heaven.

On the 7 small beads:

O Jesus, hear our petitions through the Tears of Blood and Oil
and the sorrows of Your Most Holy Mother, which she offers for us.

In the end 3 times in honor of the Holy Trinity:

O Jesus, remember the tears of blood and oil that she shed, who loved you above all on earth.

On the medal:

Your tears, O Mother of God and our Mother, confirm us through their anointing that we are Your children as we ask You, through the solemn consecration we offer You through this godliness. Amen.