Our Father, who art in Heaven


We love You. Praise You. Thank You.
Father we adore You.
How good You are to us!
Father You created us. You alone are the Creator. Thank You for our lives, for every breath we take and every beat of our hearts.
Thank You.

Father, we wish to do Your Will. We wish to protect the innocent little babies. Our unborn little brothers and sisters die by abortion, 50 million every year, world-wide. The horror of this! - never in all of history has there been such bloodshed, such a slaughter of the innocents. Father, forgive us!

We need help, Father. How can this be stopped? Only by Your might! Please send Your Holy Spirit to infuse in our hearts a new boldness, a new willingness to STAND UP, every day, against the evil of abortion and all the crimes against life. We dedicate our lives, here and now to You, Father.

You are our Father and we love You.