Marienfried 1946

Apparitions in Germany


In Marienfried, near Paffenhofen in the Republic of Germany, The Blessed Virgin Appeared to 22 year old Barbel Reusz on April 25, May 25 and June 25 in 1946.

The most important messages are:

April 25, 1946

"There where there is the greatest faith and where they teach the people that God will grant any of my wishes, there I will bring Peace and when all the people believe in my power, there shall be peace. I will put the mark on the forehead of my children".

May 25, 1946

"The World was devoted to my Immaculate Heart, but for many this devotion has become a terrible burden. I long for the world to experience this devotion. Have an unlimited belief in my Immaculate Heart. Belief in the never ending power of my Son. Exchange your sinful hearts for my Immaculate Heart, then it will be I who will be given the divine power, then the love of the Father will renew the image of Christ in you till the end. Pray and make sacrifices for all sinners. Put yourselves totally at my disposal. Pray the Rosary. I want to work in the Hidden as the Forgiving Mediator. Answer my pleas and I will share with you the peace of the Heart".

June 25, 1946

"I am the Mediator of all Graces. The Father wants the world to acknowledge the appointment of His Servant. I will perform miracles in the concealment of the souls. The Apostles and Priests are specially devoted to Me, so that the great sacrifices that He, who is Inscrutable, demands from them, will increase their holiness and value, because hey are put into my hands. Offer Me many sacrifices, make your sacrifices in your prayers. Be unselfish; the only important thing is, that restoration of the Eternal obligation will be reconciled. I demand that the people fulfill my wishes promptly, because it is the wish of the Father, because it is in his honour now and will always be unavoidable. The Father lets us know that terrible happenings will befall those who will not submit to His Holy Wishes. My children must love and praise the Lord as he has created them in his likeness".

After Maria stopped speaking she was suddenly surrounded by an immense number of Angels. They wore long white garments and they kneeled on the earth bo<align="left">wing deeply. They prayed an unusual prayer, a homage to the Holy Trinity. When the prayer was finished, the Angel, who had been present since the beginning, requested to repeat the prayer again. Father Humf and his sister were present. They didn’t gain knowledge of anything, except that they saw Barbel move her lips. They clearly heard Barbel say her prayer in a flowing rhythm in honour of the Holy Trinity. Barbel prayed with the Angels the following prayer and Father Humpf took it down in shorthand as best as he could:

Praise to You, eternal Ruler, living God, always Being, fearful and righteous Judge, always kind and merciful Father!  Your radiant Daughter will always worship, praise, honour and obey you. 

Our Miraculous Mother!

Praise to you, sacrificial Lamb, Bleeding Lamb King of Peace, Tree of Life, You, our Head, Door to the Heart of the Father, eternally born from the Living, Ruling to eternity with He who is! To you the power and blissfulness and strength, rehabilitation and praise through the Immaculate who gave you birth. 

Our Miraculous Mother!

Praise to you, Ghost of Eternity, from whom Holiness comes forth, since Eternity embellished in God! Thou Flood of Fire from the Father to the Son, Thou powerful Storm, who is the power, light and passion in the limbs of Eternal Life, Thou eternal Fire of Love, Thou who are the image of the Ghost of God in the living, Thou red stream of fire of the always Living to the mortals! To you always the power and bliss and beauty through Your star crowned Bride.

Our Miraculous Mother!

This is the greatest Praise of Glory to the Trinity of the Holy of Holies. Our Mother has said just now, we must give more praise and thanks to the Eternal One. Just like the Angels we are created to that purpose.