Gidle, Healing from Cancer

I asked the Holy Mother, to take away this terrible illness from me

Thank you, the Most Holy Mother, for restoring my health, but as a matter of fact for saving my life. It happened in this way. Two years ago I noticed an nevus on my shoulder, it was a small, brown point, which for me was worth nothing. Since January 2006 the nevus started to become greater, it grew to the size of half centimetre. Because I started to feel pain, I went to a doctor, who sent me to a surgeon. On the fourteenth April, the nevus was cut out. After several days, I received urgent phone call from a hospital, in which the surgical intervention was done. An histopathology examination revealed, that it was a cancer – malignant melanoma of fourth degree in the five degrees scale. Diagnose revealed that only a small part of cancer was cut out and it was necessary to cut out the remaining part of cancer, which cancer was expanded on a quite large skin area. I should go to the hospital to undergo the next operation.

In the case of such advanced malignant melanoma (fourth degree) my chances were extremely small. I realised that only a half of year, or perhaps one year of life left me. I did not know, what to do with myself. I started to be interested, read about this illness and in this moment I realised that it was very likely that I would die. The percentage of people who died was 90. It is possible to save a life of people who are on the early stage of this cancer. In my case the doctor said, that it was too late. When I asked doctors, whether it was not too late, they shook their heads that perhaps something was possible to do yet, that I should have hope. However, the fuller information indicated that I would pass away during the coming year.

I was terrible collapsed. My world fell down and nothing existed for me with exception of one thought: how to get rid of this cancer. What to do in order to this cancer no longer exists. And in such moment, my brother–in-law came to me, he arrived to console me. He brought me a wine together with the picture of the Holy Mother of Gidle. At that time I did not know that Gidle existed, that there was a Sanctuary. It happened a strange thing. When he handed it over to me, without persuasion from his side, in one moment I realised that it was the only medicine, which could save me. There is nothing else in the world, what could help me. In a normal situation I would laugh at him. But at that time I experienced revelation. I concentrated myself on prayer only. I do not know, from where I knew how to pray. I was a man who after all did not know any prayer. I knew all night clubs in a town and I was their habitual guest. I did not think that somebody could suffer because of me, I was thinking about my pleasure. I do not know why the Lord chose somebody like me...

I entrusted myself to the Holy Mother fully, in one hundred percent or even more. I did not think about nothing else. I concentrated myself during the period of previous to surgical intervention, on a prayer to the Holy Mother of Gidle. For the first time in my life I said novena. Earlier, I did not have idea that something like novena exists. Everyday during prayer I applied Gidle wine on my whole shoulder, together with request to the Holy Mother to take away from me this terrible illness. I asked warm to allow me to live on this earth and to be happy. After three weeks, I had the surgical operation in Krakow. The methods of healing in such case are not complicated. It is not healed by using a chemical medicine or by irradiation, it is just cut out all what is possible to cut.

A large part of my skin was cut out (the scar after operation which I have is 20 cm long). The results of a medical examination came after three weeks. When I went to a doctor for consultation and for taking off the sutures, I asked whether this time the whole cancer was cut out? The doctor answered: „You know, strange affair, but in this material which we took for examination, there were not the cancer cells at all”. I was paralysed, sincerely surprised was also he. All were surprised how it was possible, that during three weeks automatically disappeared the cancer of fourth degree, deeply weaved under the skin, so already almost final one. By this time, the doctors are unable to explain, how it happened that cancer disappeared...

For this, I thank You, the Holy Mother the most warm. Your protection over me, caused that I was today here, that I was healthy. I go regularly for medical examination. The doctors perceive me as a picture of health.

Thank You also, the Holy Mother for my beloved wife. During the time of this difficult illness she supported me by prayer, good word and I saw that she worries about me, even more than I did it. My wife is a very, very believing person. It was she, to whom I was indebted the way of my conversion. Holy Mother, thank You for this that I have her near to me, that in these difficult moments of my life, she wanted to be with me, that she did not take fright of this illness and that she bravely supported me. Because Holy Mother, You put her on my way, I was here today, healthy and I can be happy of my life. I can be happy also because I am now an another person. Before the illness I did not go to a church, I believed that even if the Lord existed, let existed Himself, but I was myself and it was good for me. It appeared however that the Lord not only existed, but He loved us, that the Holy Mother did miracles. For this Mary, from this place, I would like to thank warm. I love You and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dariusz Janik

Sanctuary in Gidle, Divine service with intention of healing, 1st October 2006.

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