Dozule (France) 1972

March 28, 1972 until October 6, 1978

Dozulé is a village 25 kilometers from Caen and Lisieux in Normandy.

Madeleine Aumont was a French Catholic woman who had 49 apparitions between 1972 and 1978 of Jesus and Saint Michael. Message from Jesus: "Tell the priest to have the Glorious Cross erected in this place".

She was born on October 27, 1924 in Putot-en-Auge (Calvados, France) She died on January 27, 2016 in the hospital of Lisieux (Calvados, France), at the age of 91.

On March 28, 1972, Madeleine had a vision of a large luminous cross in the sky, above the place called Haute Butte, in Dozulé.

For nearly 30 years, Christians have been meeting in the French village of Dozulé, in the Diocese of Bayeux and Lisieux, at the invitation of Madeleine Aumont. She asks her faithful to celebrate the glorious cross of Jesus Christ and to pray for the redemption of the world. Christ is said to have ordered her to build a luminous cross 738 meters high and with a span of 288 meters in Dozulé, indicating to her the technical details necessary for this realization.

To learn more about Madeleine Aumont's life and the Message of the Apparitions, read her notebooks entitled: Notebooks: "Complete Diary of the Apparitions of Jesus in Dozule, 1970-1979".

Madeleine was a very simple woman, married and mother of 5 children. Zi had the privilege of the Lord. It was to her that He entrusted the vision of His cross, followed by these words: "Thou shalt make known this cross, and thou shalt bear it" (First Apparition - Tuesday, March 28, 1972).

These apparitions are not recognized by the Catholic Church.