Christian poems by Fabienne Lemoine


Love your enemy and befriend your foe open your heart and let the possibilities grow rid yourself of hateful and resentful ways fill yourself with only love today release the anger you've built up inside let go of the turmoil that burdens your mind slow your pace and embrace the ones you love have faith in he who watches from above at that most important time He will forgive the good of mankind a messenger maybe these thoughts I share we are all gifts god gave to the earth each with our own reason we were birthed some have been lost on the path he had planned it's time now to take them by the hand lead them to god and the cherished land


Forgiveness is a gift bestowed upon man
you must truly forgive in order to understand the Lord our God works in miraculous ways look for the goodness in all whom you meet today for the devil seeks to destroy our souls wandering the world turning hearts cold our children, Gods children are his easiest prey he deceives them then leads them astray he comes into your homes when you least expect our children so full of lies and disrespect God has been pushed aside our need for money and selfish pride stop and take time in your day resist temptations and stop to pray


The Lord is reaching out his hand how much more can He do to make you understand why is man to ignorant to see in blessings and miracles he will delight in disasters and hardships he will spite the Lord is seeking truth in mankind a peace with only him we will find why is the Lord cursed for all that has gone wrong take responsibility for your own actions your scorn constantly searching seeking a richer life not understanding it is achieved through strife the poor are truly the rich at heart truly knowing the meaning of want we are a culture of devilish deeds the time is upon us to change we must listen repent an be saved


Trust in yourself and you will begin to see
The trust that he bestowed upon thee
We are all here to fulfil Gods plan
He talks to us all trust him, take his hand
Our journeys will be easier to face
When you trust in God you will be granted his grace
Walk along side him in all that you do
Listen with your heart to he who is true
For his is a love that is almighty and forgiving
Go to him in truth to be forgiven of sin
Stop at this moment and kneel down to pray
The lord will be with you Ask, and he'll stay
Pray for those who do not trust in his voice
Pray for the children whom have made the wrong choice
Pray for those who do not trust in his name
Pray for those whom on him have placed blame
Trust in these words that flow free from within
This honesty was given to me by Him


Kindness is a deep compassion for all of mankind A virtue that God planted at the beginning of time Kindness is a blessing he graced upon us all A gentle heart and hand to pick up those who fall Kindness is a love that is compassionately felt A deeply rooted feeling of knowing when to help Kindness is understanding and learning to truly care A peaceful heart given for all of us to share Kindness is the way to everlasting peace A peaceful world where hate and anger will cease Kindness is a lesson for humanity making His presence known A gift He gave to everyone now waiting to be shown Kindness is Like God in each and every way A lasting impression of Him in our hearts each day

All His Angels

They are the ones who are always there They are the ones who truly love and care Broken hearts are pains sad disguise You can see it in their eyes A deep devotion of the soul Beside their loved one, they do not wish to let go He is there in all his almighty glory To gently guide your loved one and ease all of your worry He is the Hope that gently helps you back up when you fall He is the Faith that keeps the sanctity within us all He is the Compassion in your heart gifting you with strength day by day He is the Understanding that helps you on your way He is the Joy deep within your loved ones soul Waiting to be rejoined with him waiting to be whole He will be within the Peace of everlasting sleep He will be with you as you weep He is the dew within your tears Pray with him he will ease your fears This sad time has come, the heavens have been shown Another one of Gods beautiful Angels is coming home


The Patience he showed for me I must now learn from Him He gave me years of patience and forgiveness for my sins I always heard him calling from deep inside somewhere Never really stopping to listen or to truly hear He was there to guide me back onto the mighty road Since those early years his voice has surely grown I had to learn to listen and open up my heart Praying and acknowledgement was a good place to start In my youthful years I was led astray I chased false happiness all to Gods dismay He stayed with me by my side protecting me from harm He was the gentle voice within speaking to me so calm I did not obey God in those early years I let go of His hand and went down the path of fears I walked away from Him and onto the road below This road was filled with sadness and many lonely souls I still had God deep within myself So I held onto the lonely thinking I could help Not understanding I too was among the lost my truth and my morals were just a part of the cost Years of youth now wasted I was no longer whole I had been deceived by the devil he tried to keep my soul But I had God beside me reaching out his hand He reached deep into my heart and made me understand He would never leave me as long as I believed in Him It still took many years for me to really comprehend The magnitude of the relationship that we share today He granted me with many gifts that I once threw away Now I fully trust in He who never let me down I will now stay beside Him and never turn around I will never tread on that broken road that I have left behind I will walk ahead with God and learn Patience in due time I will try to help others off that broken lonely road I will be there to share the graces he has bestowed For when we ask for forgiveness with pure faith and reverence for Him He will be beside us to forgive us of our sins These poems are a gift for me to share with you they are from within my heart where Gods love for all is true


Imagine a world where injustice could not be found imagine the earth peacefully spinning around imagine yourself in a place where no one would hate imagine a time when everyone could walk through Gods gate I dream of the day when we'll all get along I dream of everyone singing Gods songs I dream that all will find their way I dream of the lost children going to God where they will stay I hope for a time when families won't starve I hope for a time when children will longer be harmed I hope for a time of genuine peace I hope for a time when wars will cease I pray for everyone to truly understand I pray for parents to take their children's hands I pray for those who are hateful to one another I pray for all too truly love and be at one with each other God loves us all open your hearts and you will feel God loves us all His love for us is everlasting and real God loves us all His tears are for those who don't hear Him call God loves us all pray and He will pick you up when you fall I have faith that many will be forgiven of sin I have faith that all Gods children will go home with Him I have faith in the days when we will all be one I have faith that the evil in the world can be undone I have faith in all the angels of Gods Kingdom I have faith our journey to him will not be so hard I have faith in the lord our God

Gods Children

the youth of the world are so lost the young children wander about with no pure thought the youth of the world in need of true love the young children need guidance from the angels above the youth of this world so angry and sad the young children grow more violent and mad the youth of the world need our prayers the young children need to know that we all care the youth of the world so caught up in material things the young children see far too many sins the youth of the world are led astray the young children filled with falseness, hurt each day the youth of the world follow our cue the young children do as we do the youth of the world are products of a world that needs to slow its pace the young children grow up witnesses of our disgrace the youth of this world do not hear him call the young children continue to fall the youth of this world are Gods most important seeds the young children of the world need us to lead


the Lord our God works in mysterious ways spreading His love throughout the world each day we all have a part in his precious plan we can all reach out and take His gentle hand He is within us all we are never apart we each have the key to His generous heart it is within your soul search for Him there you will find God waiting to hear your every care you will know when you have found the key His heart will be open within it you will now be pray with Him, listen, be open and sincere the love you will feel is beyond words nothing will ever compare keep Him with you, don't walk away and let the door close God wants to be with you forever it is all of us that he chose keep the key safe and hold it within your heart you may stray too far alone and have to begin again from the start you do not need to have any fears for Gods love is unconditional and He will always be there be truthful when praying for forgiveness of your sins He wants us to open our lives and invite Him in His Love for us is infinite it will endure all of time Gods love is pure everlasting joy patiently waiting for all of mankind


take the Lord into your heart take Him into your home share His joyful love with family and friends share Him with everyone for His Love has no ends give to all the graces He has given to you give to those who need to know His love is truth take from Him undying hope and pure faith take from Him and spread it to those who need to be saved share Gods message of peace and incredible love share with the world His joyful heart that rains down from the heavens above give to all the joy and kindness from deep within your soul give compassion to those who are lost and of Him do not know take Him on your journey keep him always within your life take Him with you and carry your own cross of bourdons and strife share His humanity and be generous to all share your blessings and answer His call give your all honestly to all his people in need give the Gift of Gods Joy to each and every soul that you meet


Look for He is everywhere seek and ye shall find listen and you will hear obey and He will grant you his graces you will be within His care follow and He will show you the way open your heart and He will fill it with peace remain true to all and He will remain true to you guide many to Him That He may share His Joy have faith in Jesus Christ the Lord our God and He will feed your soul forgive all of your angers to be at peace and whole let go of material things and begin to feel His love from within God is your provider, have full faith in Him


ALL are equal no matter race, strength, status or creed be kind to ALL whom you meet If you let Him, God will teach you all of these things He will guide you on your journey home He will protect you from the evil that roams He is your saviour if only you ask He will help you in every task pray for forgiveness for you and for all pray for Peace and answer His call


Come with me on my journey into the depths of my soul is where we shall go the treasure that we find is within all of mankind a love everlasting and divine imagination could never compare to these secrets that I share The brightest light within never again to be dimmed words can only describe these feelings I can't hide pure admiration for mercy upon all pure reverence for the one who has called once within my heart I shall not sin On my new journey with God I now begin I have been shown the true depths and virtues of a love so pure A gift only God can give seek him and find Gods love is life's cure


God is urging us all with His tender loving care there is enough Hope for all of us to share He longs for all lost souls find the road that leads to Him He wants us all to repent and ask for forgiveness of our sins if ever you find yourself feeling hopeless and losing all faith if the road ahead is darkened and you can't find your way pray to God with sincerity and embrace Him within your soul let His divinity brighten your way on this long road keep Him faithfully within your heart in all that you do remember to do onto others as you would have done to you in Gods eyes no one is hopeless we can all be saved that's why God sends us His angels to help guide the way He reaches out His hand for each and everyone to take He is with us in every decision and at every turn that we make His mercy is endearing for He loves us all the same His Love is infinite and on Him we should never place blame He gave us all our own free will to do as we please we do what we want and we suffer from our own deeds There is Hope if we turn to Him and stay There is Hope if we take His hand and walk His way on His road their will still be burdens to face but stay on this journey with God and he will keep you safe remember always what He sacrificed for you keep Him in your heart and to Him remain forever true


Give Glory Honour and praise to God the father almighty who made heaven and earth Give thanks and praise to our blessed mother Mary for the child that She birthed From the union with Holy spirit She gave her only son for all to adore Give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ for He is our Saviour Pray for fathers to find within themselves the kindness that Joseph shared Pray for all the struggling families who live in fear We all need to share Gods peace to come together as one Our world needs to remember why we were given His sacred son Come before the Lord with an open heart and pray Pray that we may all find the confidence to walk in His ways Ask to be filled with kindness and to not anger so quick Give thanks for the many miracles that have been blessed upon the sick The Lord is waiting for all of our prayers He hears us all and is pleased to hear our most important cares don't be afraid to bare your soul who better to share with than He who already knows He waits patiently to guide us onto the mighty road His arms outstretched waiting to embrace the faithful as they go it is important to always follow Gods heart it is all that He wants there are no excuses His commandments have been given from the start Too many souls are lost and don't understand why they are burdened blaming God and others for actions that come forth from sin It is time to understand where we have gone wrong Praise the Lord our God and in faith remain strong

The Shepherd

like a Shepherd and his sheep they wander and he seeks the Shepherd must help them find their way for many of them have gone astray the hillside is rocky and steep but there is always hope for the lost sheep each sheep is given free will to roam but the Shepherd will always be there to guide them home

The Sheep

the day will come when these once lost sheep will know which way to go they will be a step behind the Shepherd with the younger lambs in toe they will now lead the herd and guide them on the path making sure the young lambs don't fall behind or go ahead to fast the lambs will follow the sheep and learn to trust the Shepherd they will all walk together peacefully as one mighty herd as they walk along this path they will gather more stray sheep they will let them into the herd and teach them to follow the Shepherds feet the herd will grow in numbers and guide many to hear the Shepherds call the Shepherd leading them proudly to the most beautiful pasture of all

The Lamb

the lamb is born and must be taught to walk these little lambs need the sheeps to keep good watch these young lambs have been grazing in the dead pastures for too long they wander about eating what does not fill them or make them strong the Shepherds Master is saddened by the little stray lambs he wants the Shepherd to go back along the path and gather them with his hands the lonely lambs are scattering among the dark and lonely fields the shepherd tries to find them all and bring them back to the master to be healed their wounds are many for they did not do as they were taught they wander away into the pasture of darkness and are caught once within the dark pasture they are filled with empty drink and feed they are weakened then deceived into believing that this is all they need but the Master sees them dying from within their little hearts so he sends the Shepherd to carry them away from the field of empty wants the Shepherd will guide them onto the path back home teaching them to stay with the sheep and to be careful where they roam there are many dangers beyond the bright green pastures the sheep must lead them with the Shepherd who knows the way of the Master


God created You and God created me He created you so the world could see Your everywhere we go within our hearts and souls Your that twinkle in the sky You’re the innocence in a child's eyes Your love shines as the brightest light on a dark and lonely night showing us the way to everlasting sight Your heart encapsulates the soul teaching us to grow You love us for being ourselves and You let us know Your hands are never tired from picking us up as we fall we continue to stumble but You are always there if we call we let go of Your hand and walk into darkness then we loose our way You come back to pick us up and wipe our tears away after all our pain is Your pain you feel it deep within yourself we all learn from You that You are here to help You gave your life for ours how much more could one soul do to show the world how real You are and how Your love is the most powerful truth All one has to do to feel His love is accept Jesus into your heart and soul your life will never be the same you will now know you were never whole you must believe and be truthful with yourself, others and The Lord you must now accept this new life living by Gods law and word

Gods Son

I feel saddened for those who do not accept his love His presence can only be described as purity from the heavens above His love can fill your life if you let Him in His merciful love will forgive every one of your sins He waits within your heart; His tears fill your soul There you feel so saddened you remain lost and do not know He is there waiting for you to ask Him for love to fill that empty hole His love will grow so fast soon this love will overflow You will remain with Him as long as you are honest and anger does not stir You must get rid of the angry feelings and hate that you kept before these burdens drown and torment the heart God created for you at birth Let Jesus back into your life let Him be your remedy your divine cure


He is within the air that we breath He created the earth the sea He is the artist that created you and me His is a plan that exceeds all imagination He is above all the Master of creation His Kingdom being His divine inspiration His omnipotence is infinite and has no end His only Son graced for all souls to make amends His compassionate angels upon wings to us He sends He is ALL that is and will ever be He is the only way, join Him, let your soul fly forever free Into His Heavenly Kingdom of peace where He reigns eternally

Divine Mercy

many burdens immerse our souls in doubt always seeking cures to find a way out we are drowning into darkness although we may not know we are nations of self medication numbing our very souls God’s mercy is upon us even those who do not yet understand many have been praying for His Divine Mercy to be blessed upon all throughout his lands God is waiting to tend to His flock for He is the only way He is calling to all of us who are lost within the temptations of these days We are losing many souls to the evil that hides its face sickening our children with our own sins disgrace We must come together to pray and heal our world why can't we see the devil has snuck in so many lost and lonely living in mortal sin there rages a battle deep within all souls turn your lives to God remain eternally whole God loves us and will show mercy upon us all He does not wish to see so many fall He has a place for each of us within His Merciful Heart This heart that has been beating the same for all of us from the start we are all equal within Gods eyes every soul is precious and needs to be shown satans disguise evil seeks the weak and turns fears to anger against God evil sneaks into your thoughts when temptation takes hold urging you to do wrong telling you no one will ever know but God is stronger he knows what is on our minds He gave us each a conscience to show us we are blind our guilt is God helping us, a weapon for mankind let God guide you to doing what you know deep down is right this is God helping our souls to win this fight If we walk in Gods ways each and every hour of our day it will be harder for evil to deceive you and lead you astray we all need to ask God to help us to understand God is the only way lets all take his almighty hand this world and all its possessions will pass on and decay but your soul will remain with God forever if you truthfully walk His way many souls need help to find Him and His Joy they are the many who are weak who the devil seeks to destroy there is hope for all of us let’s come together in our churches and pray Let’s pray for everyone who needs Gods Divine Mercy today


do not let fear take hold of your life fear is an open door for evil and much strife if ever you feel your soul dying from within drowning in addictions and leading you to sin go to the Lord with faith in your heart pray for help to be delivered from this unhealthy want kneel down and pray when fear begins to take hold pray with the Lord for His mercy to show pray for help for this pain that you feel ask Him to remain with you and help you to heal Jesus is waiting with His heart and arms open wide He is waiting for you to come forth so stop trying to hide addiction buries and hides your soul the Lord tries to call out to you but you hide in addictions hole here you drown out His voice that is deep within you enter the darkness of desires and then empty hope begins constantly trying to find that perfect happiness in your High wanting it so bad you are willing to die this is not what God intended for man His son is crying for us to understand the High you seek will never be found only heartache and pain will be all that surrounds these addictions you face are the devils trap for us all he comes to us when we are weak and sets temptations trap and we fall he fills your heart and mind with these lies that deceive he tells you your nothing and soon you believe you fill that emptiness with addictions that satisfy you for a short time but satan can't satisfy he will leave you to chase this falseness that leaves you blind now blinded you can't see the way it has always played out evil overtakes and destroys you by filling your soul with doubt I tell you this as someone who has overcome this torment of a life when I was young I ran from everything that was right that meant I let go of the Lord and tried to run away as far as I could I sunk deep into the darkness of my broken soul, alone in the dark I now stood tormented souls are many on this beaten road of frustrated tears we were all searching for love and happiness that we wouldn't find there but together we thought we all belonged we drowned our sadness in addictions everyday songs wake up and chase the false hope of yesterday drown out that voice from within that begs for sanity each day the Lord is trying to reach you if only you would believe trust in Him and pray that He will help you once again breath leave behind the empty hope and shattered dreams that have left your heart cold Go to the Lord and ask for mercy upon your torn and battered soul there is pure love and joy in your heart that your addiction hides if only you could see satans disguise Let the Lord our God open your eyes

He Waits For You

The Lord is with you wherever you go He is with you always although you may not know He searches your heart for the honesty within He wishes to help you be freed from your sins Although things may seem to be falling apart The Lord is with you always within your broken heart He has been with you always waiting for you to hear his voice He has been calling you waiting for you to make a choice His love for you is generous, merciful, patient and kind He longs for you trust in Him and peace you will finally find You have been searching for many long and sorrowful years The Lord has been with you He has wiped away all of your tears He is there deep within your soul waiting for you to pray To be honest and truthful in everything that you say Kneel down to pray for forgiveness and repent for your sins Pray that you may learn to forgive and trust again The Lord will be with you He will hold your hand He will be beside you helping you to stand Let the Lord guide you in all that you do Keep Him in your life remain honest and true He waits for you to join Him the choice is up to you He waits for you to join Him and kneel at the pew


All the Lord has done, he has done for us Never leaving our side and teaching us to trust The Lord is here to help us to find our way back home Home where we are free from sin and the evilness that roams He is here in all his glory within each soul that you meet He is within the eyes of the lost and lonely on every dark street He waits in the heart of every woman child and man He waits there longing for all to understand Take the Lords hand let Him guide you through these times Pray with Him at every spare moment He'll calm the chaos within your mind Once you have found Him never let Him go Keep His commandments be peaceful and love Him and always let Him know Praise and honour Him in all that you do Pick up your cross and carry it as He did the same for you When you are in doubt seek the Lords voice and have no fears Tell Him all your thoughts be patient and you will feel Him near Listening is hard with all the worldly distractions that never seem to cease Turn off the TV, the radio and seek within yourself an inner peace This is when you can hear the Lord speaking within your soul Upon your knees in the presence of The Lord His voice will seem to grow You will feel an inner sanctity that you may have never known He has been there all along His peaceful heart waiting to be shown Now that you know the Lord is always there for you It's your turn now to go to Him and adore Him in truth He waits in the Blessed Sacrament for us to share our love with Him He is there with open arms and a generous heart waiting to forgive our every sin


the world has created a mortal sin letting tiny miracles of God be torn from the womb within these little innocent ones have no voice it has been decided for them they have no choice blessed should be the womb of every woman and so should be the seed of every man God created us all every womb and each seed His kingdom cries each time an innocent in Heaven is received to small for even the tiniest of wings the angels of the innocents sing to them with tear filled hymns so sad is the world that would kill its own flesh and blood so sad these little babies are not considered or loved we must come to understand these are children God placed in our hands they are significant in Gods mighty plans every little life was conceived by the miracle of God, each is His own creation Pray with our Blessed Mother Mary, let her motherly love be your inspiration give this little innocent one a chance to be and to breathe bring the baby to term and you will begin in your heart to see this is a baby, a life always regardless of what you have been told you have been given a gift from God He is above all He knows this innocent tiny life was moulded in your likeness by His own hands This baby is a piece as are you of His divine and most beautiful plans God also created wombs which could not bear fruit so there is a choice, for every seed planted there is a root there are many loving families waiting to give a precious child a loving home with love help this tiny miracle to grow and let every seed He has sown be known


I stumble, trip and almost fall the closer I get to the Lord He is always their to catch me, to teach me, and show me my souls core As I look at the world around us, the burdens we all face I am left to look within myself and erase any disgrace I feel a sense of the emptiness that those in need feel I hear the Lord urging me to help for this poverty most face is real But I can say I don't have much to give The Lord replies I am within you share yourself as you live Time cost nothing and Pure Love is free Share me with everyone and you will begin to see Your heart beats the same as those in all of the earth So you see there is no one for whom my love is not worth Take me into the Hearts of every child women and man show them the simplicity of how to take my hand we all need the Lord within our lives He is our Shepherd our Saviour, The Almighty Guide never feel abandoned for He is always there taking a quiet step back to let you shine under His care He will teach you many ways to share His grace with all open your soul to all of Gods beautiful children break down indifferences walls He is our Saviour here to help us heal our wrongs His virtues are for all to share from the weakest to the strong Never say but their is nothing I have to give For the gift of Gods Love is more powerful than any amount of Gold This gift graces you with Love above the wealthiest of which you behold no amount of money or wealth will ever set one soul at peace Only Gods love can heal all and cause this poverty to cease if we use this gift for the cause of helping mankind if we share our blessings and leave selfishness behind those in need would diminish as we all come to see the light the glow of the divinity of doing what we all know is right some may think ones poverty does not affect themselves we have all had these thoughts of why should I help intolerance keeps us from sharing Gods love with each and everyone then maybe we should ask ourselves what would Jesus have done? or was there any intolerance from Mary when She gave All her only Son? Love the Lord with all your heart and mind and every bit of your soul Love your neighbour as yourself and share even with those you do not know


such a sad time when in this world there are those with no hope so distressed with circumstances they feel they can no longer cope God did not intend for us to live this way sad and lonely by the burdens of these days why can't we see the Lord reaching out to save us all why do we continue to turn away and fall God did not do this to us we are facing our very own sin we can begin to change and all come back to Him start with repentance and being patient and truly kind their are many in need whom The Lord will help you to find They have always been there the sick, the homeless and the poor they have always been there but many of us have closed our door do we not see when we close the door we also close out God who is within us all can't we see when we don't help we cause righteousness to fall it seems as though the world hides it's selfish face hiding from the Lord in it's own sad disgrace running about here and there not really taking the time to stop and care trying to find a way to please only our own hearts we are filled with the worldly everyday chaos fights and violence seem to be a natural affair children killing children and mothers living in fear when did the world become so distant and cold when did our hearts turn away from what we've long been told Only with God in our lives will we be free and whole free from the violence that violates our souls It's time to really take this stand pray with the Lord and please take His hand our culture is one that has lost sight of the Lord and His might we must know all that we do is within His almighty sight


the Lord is my teacher my saviour my rock guiding me on this road where I join His flock He has shown me myself from the inside out He fills my heart with hope and takes away my doubt in times of need a lesson is learned in times when I falter He shows His concern I have learned much in so short a time I have learned all that He has given is not only mine We must truly share all His grace and pure love He wishes to teach us all from the mighty heavens above In prayer we come to Him seeking the answers to our pain we seek justice and that evil have no gain this change must begin from within ourselves bitterness, anger, and unforgiving is where evil dwells laughing at us as we all fall under it's wicked spell Jesus is here within all of our hearts waiting for us to take a stand lets come together and all unite our hands pray for peace as peace begins within our own lives share with others how the Lord has opened your eyes

Holy Spirit

lost in the world tormented souls wander seeking selfish desires they run from the Lord into the mouth of the devils wiles seeking hope they grasp onto their own devices to cope the lord wishes to save such souls but they do hear they have lost hope walking blindly into the lies that Satan lays before them as a trap they do not see they are blinded by all the worldly impurities gratitude is given to money power and pride many do not accept the Lord into their lives where he can kindle the flame of His mercy within their darkened hearts those that accept the Lord Jesus as their saviour are His witnesses, His divine spark they are here to bring this light into the hearts of the lost and deceived they're prayers are heard throughout the Heavenly realms where they are received prayers for mercy upon those who The Lord seeks to save prayers for the many lonely and depraved the harvest is to be ripened in this way by the power of God through the Holy Spirit and Gods almighty word these souls can be saved and brought into the light of the Lord once they accept the Lord in their lives they will begin to see and hear once they are within His light they will be the torchbearers that bring the world sight


Pray for the conversion of all souls Pray for the unborn children we may never know Pray with every piece of your heart Pray for families who by wars are torn apart Pray for peace within and between every nation Pray with all of your soul to God in sincere adoration Pray for the hungry that they will remain in Gods care Pray for those who have enough that they may always share Pray with your family every chance you have Pray for the Church that She may remain strong Pray for sinners who continued to see no harm what they have done wrong Pray with all the angels and saints in Gods Kingdom above Pray for all of our children that they may be filled with Gods love Pray for others who may have lost faith Pray with reverence for all to be open to Gods Grace Pray for our Leaders that they may be filled with inspiring divine light Pray for all of the world that they may regain pure and everlasting sight Pray with love and honesty for every nation, religion, race and creed Pray in repentance before the Lord let Him till your heart so He may plant His loving seed


In times of ease and in times of pain the Lord asks that we turn to Him and not be ashamed No sin is unforgivable or too much for Him to hear He is waiting to forgive you are within His care Go to Him with your heart honest and open wide speak to Him with humility relinquish all that you try to hide He already knows all that lies within He is trying to pass through the walls that keep in your sins His heart is full of mercy enough to lift you up out of this place to pull you through the darkness into the light of His grace Hold onto to His pure love and never let Him go He will be beside you gently helping you to grow there will never be a time when He has left your side even if you run from Him He knows where you try to hide sometimes He is silent deep within your soul trying to quietly guide you to do what you already know His presence as a teacher a father to us all Our almighty God and protector to forgive us when we fall


Even when we are weak you are by our side to show us we are strong You help us through our troubles and give us sight to see when we are wrong You are our loving protector here to guide us on our way to everlasting grace We follow your footsteps until the time when we meet and we may see your face In times of our gladness and joy we should give you thanks and praise But also in times of our sorrow we should glorify your almighty name Jesus will be our strength if we let Him into our lives In times of uncertainty He can open up our eyes Listen for the purity of thoughts that flow from deep within your soul It is here that He will speak to you He will guide you onto His road When you are upset no matter what your burdens may be The answer is to pray for only the Lord can truly set you free He is calling out to each of us so we may seek His ways He is waiting patiently to be our saving grace He is always beside you within your arms length He is waiting to fill your heart with His love might and strength


In our days as in all that have past, troubles will come and troubles will go But the Lord is an everlasting companion; His merciful love is a seed we must sow He wants all the weak, tired and hardened to come to Him and be saved He wishes for all of us to share this gift that he gave The graces that flow from the redemption of the repentant soul The purity of His merciful love that pieces together your heart and fills you un till you are whole These are the graces for which He gave His own life upon that sorrowful cross So we could have eternal life not misery in un redemptive loss Not one soul is too far away to be brought back before the Lord He wishes to save them let His words be your sword Arm yourself at each mornings light with the mighty armour of God Keep truth in your heart as you face those whose hearts have been made hard Pray for guidance and that the Holy Spirit of the Lord will be at your side He will help you He will bring out those who are lost or who try to hide His is a love most powerful and pure for all souls to share Make His mercy known with your own loving care Do what has been placed within your heart Spread His seed among the lost and broken apart Take His words and plant them in truth He will tender, mend and nourish these once broken roots


Faith is not searching for miracles For the true miracle is faith within your own heart Take this faith and be His witnesses His sparks The Lord comes to us for he wants to share His divine love with all Seeking the truly faithful he opens our hearts to hear His almighty call Sparks of genuine love to unite the world to bring about His holy peace Filled with His plentiful mercy and all His love to help those we must reach The lonely, lost, broke down, broken and depraved We are all His precious loved ones for which He longs to save So these are the true miracles within our lives The miracle of the Lords love that opens our eyes He blesses us daily with His everlasting mercy, love, joy and truth Through our unity our prayers unite to His love and take root For as we live in this love it shines bright from all of our souls His divine light from within us burns forth as it grows The fire from within is to be kindled with His word and honest prayer He will keep it ablaze with His almighty tender love and care So keep Him close within your lives each day as you grow Remember His forgiveness and let the miracle of Jesus flow


Forgiving is hard for many of us to do But God forgave me and God forgave you Forgiveness is a blessing to set your heart free Letting go of the anger that afflicts all of humanity This anger has a way of imbedding a wall deep within your soul and these angry thoughts will follow you where ever you will go It will continue to grow heavy and weigh down upon your heart This wall will keep you from truly living and being who you are These burdens overpower you now you feel trapped within this place You fester in this anger alone and ashamed to show the Lord your face But the Lord made us each with His own tender loving hands He asks that we go to Him He will help us to understand He searches the deepest regions of our hearts For His will that was sown within us from the very start His mercy is for all and will be there if only you would ask He will help you to truly forgive and complete this most important task

Hearts enlightened

Hearts that beat with the light of The Lord shine bright souls that glow with the love of Jesus to bring sight ears that hear His sweet voice in the wind that blows seeing God in every thing that breaths and grows The heart hears more than the mind can conceive beating a new breath of life into the heart that believes


To see with eyes that are not my own To share this love that I have been shown A light upon my heart of humility not pride A way out of the darkness where many hide The eyes of the Lord see ALL with Love His heart so full of mercy and joy enough to fill all of the earth from the heavens above The light of His heart is brilliant and beautifully divine It is for ALL of us that it shines To lead those who see and to enlighten those who are blind Our hearts must be open to receive this love filled light Our souls, redemptive and humbled before Him will begin to have sight Seek for His love is enough for all to share Search for He is waiting for all of us to hear Within His love His light fires forth from His heart to you Within His presence you will be pierced with His truth The purity of His truth guides you on your journey with Him each day to be a witness to His love and share Him with ALL in every way The divine mercy of His heart is this fire enkindled and burning bright for all Follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be the embers of His love and answer His call

Arrow of Love

The arrow of the Lord to pierce ones soul This arrow of truth, love, joy and mercy to fill and overflow Hear the Lord, in the silence He will begin to open the eyes of your heart Feel His presence as this arrow He shoots never misses it's mark His is a love felt deep and pure within ones soul Fueled by acceptance His love fills your heart it grows He shoots this arrow with precise vision and aim He seeks to enter the heart of all, that they may speak of His name His love is to be shared, it is abundantly merciful, pure and kind Waiting for you to accept Him for all of time He awaits your prayers with joy upon His heavenly throne The arrows of His love are His word to be known His love is for you, accepting Him is your choice Within the stillness of your heart you can hear His voice Reach for His hand He will lift you up to see His face He will lead you gently into His arms in the most love felt embrace His bow is aimed and ready to give new sight to your eyes Ask that He remain with you in your heart as share your lives He will teach you how to grow under His fatherly care He will show you how to love with patience and to joyfully share As His heart beats it shines with impetuous love As He seeks you all from the Fathers kingdom above His heart is His bow and the arrow is armed with His love and peace His word is our Armour of strength that we all need Open your hearts that you may see and believe Share the pureness of this love that you have now received He is the eternal truth, the heavenly son sent to open our eyes He awaits all His beloved hearts to take His hand and to rise Open your heart and all of your soul to The King, The Lord Jesus Christ

Trust in Him

In our times of need the Lord will hear our prayers He wants for us to go to Him and share our innermost fears His heart is everlasting and calls out all our names He wants for us to go to Him and never feel ashamed In times when we are sad the Lord cries all of our tears He feels our pain so deeply and wants us to know He is near His wounds once bled for us He suffered for all our lives He wants for us to offer up these pains let Him dry our eyes In times of great joy The Lord hears our songs of praise He is by our side listening intently to all we have to say His heart is overjoyed that we have thought to thank Him so He is after all our almighty father, happy to see His children grow In all that we do He is ever present by our side He is with us always through every trial and tough ride His arms outstretched to catch us if we need Him to He is always ready to listen to guide and see us through In this life He has given us He never wants for us to be lost He is speaking to your heart, listen for His voice is so gentle and soft His way may not always be seen or understood by our naked eyes We need to walk with Him faithfully trusting He will grant us sight

Hand in Hand

The Lord is our shepherd for what shall we want Go to Him honestly seek Him in truth and you shall be taught He will teach you to live and to love, to be honest and kind He will show you the way you shall no longer be blind for His way is the righteous road that leads right into His arms upon this lifelong road you will have a companion to guide and keep you calm He will be with you as you struggle to face each day as you grow He will hold your hand tightly when you may be tempted to let go He will walk beside you never leaving you unattended or left to defeat always there to lift you back up and onto your feet He never leaves our side nurturing us tenderly as our father He lovingly cares We are he ones who get lost and walk away from the graces He shares We forget the abundant mercy He has so graciously shown We forget how much He loves us and we try to walk on our own Even when we are lost and can't seem to find Him in the dark He is there silently waiting for our prayers to light up His heart we may have stumbled and tripped and sometimes we fall as we honestly seek His forgiveness He will answer our repentant call So do not be tempted to try and walk this journey alone His presence is real on this long sometimes up and down road He waits to join and give you comfort as He reveals His plans To teach you lessons as you go forth towards the heavens with Jesus hand and hand


When words don't seem enough and your life's struggles seem to tough know your hearts prayer is heard by Him He is there listening to your soul sing hymns know that the Lord is by your side always loving, waiting for your honesty to shine He waits to hear your thoughts and cares He sits down beside you and comforts you through fears He holds you up when you can no longer stand He walks quietly beside you holding your hand Take this journey with Him, let Him guide you on His road long and winding, sometimes uphill but with His love your strength will grow no matter how dark and lonely this journey may sometimes seem know He is ever present lovingly guiding you into eternity He waits for years when we stray,speaking to us in every way blinded by our pain, we don't always hear what He is trying to say open your heart and invite Him in, acknowledge His presence as each day begins For He is here to help us through our pain and forgive us of our repentant sins make time for the Lord that you may know Him as He knows you go to Him joyfully as you honestly seek His love in truth He will show you the path onto which you will faithfully walk Growing peacefully within your soul will be a silent place for His heart always and forever by our side, showing us the way as He teaches and guides forever trust in Him and His abundant mercy as you face life's high and low tides He is our patient protector waiting to spread His mercy upon all of humanity Our loving father wants to help us all through the dark and sometimes tumultuous seas Trust in His love, take His hand and climb onto the lifeboat of our divine Savior Jesus is our gracious lifeguard here to help us safely reach the heavenly shore

Trust His Love

Trust in the Lords love in all that you do Share His heart faithfully as He has showered this gift upon you Worry not in what is to be within your lives Rely on His love let His almighty heart be your guide Remember His mercy for you and share this blessing with all those you meet For we all need this mercy to be freed from the grips of evils greed To shine upon the world the Lords love that enkindles all souls The divinity of His pure love feeds these fires in our hearts that glow From His heart to ours and out into the hearts of His children whom He made Saving us from sin as we turn to Him we begin to see and obey His love is gracious and for all to accept and to share For He loves every soul and longs for all hearts to hear Not one loved above any other but all loved in His own special way For our Father gave us His breath of life, molded each one of us as His most precious clay He searches our hearts as we pray sincerely for all of our cares He reaches down gently and touches us with loving hands to ease our fears A love filled feeling of just knowing His presence is ever so near The grace of His humbling love blessed upon us when we feel we are weak A way out of the darkness that looms and tries and trip our righteous feet so worry not what will be today nor tomorrow trust only in The Lord, let Him be your guide as you faithfully follow Go to Him truthfully as you put on your armor each day Be a light of His pure love and mercy showing many the way Take them with you placing their heart in the Lords hands Their hearts will beat anew as they will now understand He wants not one to be lost nor forgotten in these hard times that draw near The Lord almighty is guiding His flock with His tender love that we all have and need to share

His Will

Go to the Lord that you may know your way Seek His will for your life each and every day Within His words His book of love and wisdom You will find the way into His almighty Kingdom Each day that we go to Him and His words of pure truth We will be able to see more clearly His path and our route Our journey with Him is brightened and shown by His grace When we allow Him to lead and show us the way A winding path, a sometimes long up and down road At times we may think that we know where we should go But He is the guide the almighty and wise Gracing us with gifts to live and breath each day of our lives His will is we follow and try our best to love all as we live To share with others any gifts He may give So as we go to Him thankful for each and every day We ask that He continue to teach us and show us His way that by His grace and love He will lead us to His heavenly throne His abounding mercy through each of our lives will be made known So as we walk on this journey with Him by our side We share this light of His love that darkness tries to hide We can share our faith and hope with family and friends With Him we can enkindle this flame of His love that has no end For it burns brightly and through all darkness He reaches out His hands Into and through all of our hearts His undying love has a plan We are each a piece, a part of His creation that He so tenderly made His will is that we love and share this truth of His life that He gave Sharing with many through the gifts that He so generously gives Keeping Him present and alive in each moment that we live

Dear Lord

Help the little one's whom have lost their way Let your everlasting love be upon them and within their hearts each day Bless them and have mercy on their lonely and lost souls Intercede in their lives and guide them to you so they may be made whole Let them no longer be deceived by the devil wandering the world feeling alone Lord I pray to you, show them the your charity of your heart Send your graces to their families who are being torn apart I pray to you Lord by your mercy let your almighty powers be shown Please Lord God for your glory, help these lost children find their way home Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen

Mended Roots

In this silent place within my heart I seek you my Lord and what it is that you want I will only to live for you each and everyday As I seek by your grace to quiet distractions that keep me away I long, yet I drift although I know what I am to do I wander in and out of my own truth A path ahead so bright I can hardly see A dark road behind only a piece a fraction of me With you by my side I am now eternally whole I will no longer hide away my precious soul this piece this strength that you have given back to me Has allowed me to recognize and believe I am now connected back to that place long ago A time when my heart could see you and know That love was an eternal truth that you freely gave A love you wanted me to have and to save I knew but I let pain take control I felt alone but did not know which way to go So I slowly went the opposite way Until the road was to dark and I thought I had to stay I now see that moment in time When I ran away and let pain leave me blind With you my Lord I can see my lost and broken young heart I can go to that very moment when I let it tear apart Because you hold this most precious key You held onto my little heart that was a piece of me You have molded me always in your gentle hands You kept my heart for a time when I would understand I kneel before you as I accept your gift of my life I cry as you piece me back together my heart now full of your light I am grateful you saved that little piece of my heart You have made whole again what I let pain deceive and tear apart I know now I can face anything with you by my side There is no need to run away or to hide I can walk peacefully as I climb and journey ever farther on this path Holding your hand with this treasured gift from years past I am free as I awake each day with your gifts of love and truth I am whole because you treasured the spirit of my youth I am mended and my youth healed by the wisdom you gave I am grateful but I know it is for you that I have been saved.


Live simple, be humble and kind Love each other, be generous and leave no one behind Share you blessings, your gifts whatever they may be Pray daily, seek the Lord and He will help you to see Teach by example, keep patience and live honestly Listen, open your heart and obey the Lord faithfully Let your life be inspired by Gods word and way Let Him be your inspiration breathing new life into your heart each day Love all, as He so loves you Treat others as He would want you to Seek out those in need and bring His joy into their lives Sharing all His blessings bringing hope in these hard times Taking Jesus' heart into this world so in need Planting along your path in life His most precious seeds


My soul, my spirit from within Longs to be fully united with Him A part of this vessel always needs to be cleaned A piece the flesh, of this body that is me So I try to follow to walk without sin But this flesh of me still wants of empty material things So my soul yearns and tries to break free From all these earthly impurities To walk without this shame that binds and blinds To search within and and with His forgiveness find That I am human a sinful creature with a free will I am prone to move when I should be still I must take hold of my life and with all my strength Run to my Lord who is my defense For in His word I learn the truth In His sacrifice I see His profound love taking root His saving grace He bore upon that cross His everlasting mercy to come from His pain not to be lost So as I try to break free form my occasion to sin I know with each decision at every rebuke of temptation I begin To walk closer to Him as I stay Under His mercy fountain that flows to help keep evil away Because I fear my Lord, My father above I don't want to hurt Him and disgrace His undying love I know that I can be forgiven of sin when I fall But I shall do my best to follow Him free of it when He calls So as these things these treasures here disappear We will all learn to live and trust by His care Instead we should be storing treasures of His love To take with us into His heavens above For He is our Father our Creator and He shall always provide For this greed and envy has caused our Country to be stricken with pride Looking to a man to solve, to correct what's come of our sins Instead of going to the mercy seat of the Lord and seeking our forgiveness from HIM We all need to know of this saving grace For those of us who do it is time to show our face We must walk as an example of Him each day of our lives Trusting He is with us and will be by our side So as we walk and follow His call towards home Let us try to save those sheep that have roamed Let us walk with our Lord the best we know how Each with our own gifts we plant the seeds and He plows To find within each and every heart this seed that has grown The one not withered and dry The one not eaten by the birds in the sky The one not choked by the weeds or planted on rocky soil But for the one that has truly for The Lord labored and toiled Surely He will gather His Harvest and in time He will hold The fruits produced the one hundred and sixty or thirty fold

Mountain Climb

Follow the Lord unto His divine mountain of truth Go with Him daily that you may bear His fruits Climb this mountain with Him by your side Patiently bearing any troubles that may arise For this climb is arduous at times and it may seem impossible to go on But know the Lord is here to guide you away from deceit and into His arms To stay in one place leaves us vulnerable to defeat We must stay on His path and always follow his almighty feet He will not leave us when we are lost or in despair Call to Him, He will reach out His hand to you with His merciful care Now that you are holding tightly onto His hand He will be able to guide you, as His will you will come to understand As you walk faithfully each day by His side He will give new sight to your eyes Never a moment will pass when He is not there His love is infinite and He abundantly shares All of His heart, His mercy, and His word are for all to know Each time we come before Him, His pure loves grace flows Our hearts are filled with His fire, and we burn as His lights With each beat of our hearts His love glows to give witness to His way of life His word is our compass for each day that we walk by His side Keeping us within His presence as we make this daily climb We are ready for anything when we walk with our Father our heavenward guide.


Come to me my Lord; grace me with your strength For the days they become long and in the nights darkness you are my only defense The fear that surrounds and encamps itself about my soul Seeking to break in the moment I lose hope Always waiting for me to let go Just scavengers searching and seeking from the depths they have come They hunt for the weak but this battle you have already won The glory of your peace to calm and slay the doubts that seem to grow For within my heart your presence grants a strength that is not my own Though fires have tried and burned through my heart I will not forsake your name In the omnipotence of your presence I shout out in faith I do proclaim That Jesus is my Lord, my King, the rock and foundation of my faith I place his armor upon my soul and walk freely by his grace I put on the belt of truth and with the helmet of salvation I make ready my soul His word becomes my sword to slay the taunting doubts that seek to destroy my hope Standing firm in his righteousness, my shield of faith I hold And though at times I may falter and fall to the ground in pain He is always there to help me back up whenever I call out His name Jesus is my strength, my shepherd, my rock and my heavenly King The foundation upon which I place my soul, my strength in everything

In My Weakness

I am broken mend me I am weeping, tend to me I am lost, shepherd me I am lonely, rescue me Tired lost and broken I stumble to my knees The pain that overwhelms me, your heart it supersedes The heart that breaks within me, your love it binds and mends The tears they fall surrounding me, drowning my soul in pain Present before you in my weakness, your love awakens hope in faith and I can breath again From deep within my broken heart your loves embrace is strong Pulling me into your arms where unconditional love begins to sew along The jagged edges left torn and tattered from scars I let remain, the indifference, the self pity and sorrows but most of all the shame As I seek forgiveness in trust I call out your name My heavenly father you never fail me you've never walked away So I kneel before you, a child calmed within her fathers arms Safely I place my heart within your will this day Believing in your promise your purifying love washes me anew with your grace In my weakness you lift me to my feet and help me to stand tall I know that you are forever by my side to catch me when I fall To carry me when I'm hurt and to encourage me to continue on when I am strong To direct and guide my steps you place the road beneath my feet Each mountain I try to climb alone your voice it whispers to my soul "Come and follow me, I am here to help you journey this narrow uphill road" As the brightness of the day dims and the path ahead grows dark and long I've learned to hold tighter to your hand and not let fear pull me down leaving me feeling lost and all alone With each triumphant climb we take together our bond It continuously grows I trust that with each and every step you are by my side leading me as I continue on the path that leads me home

Gods Lessons

In our struggles we learn to appreciate our blessings In our illnesses we learn to appreciate the ones we love In our sorrow we learn compassion for one-another In our own inadequacies we learn to be patient with others In our pain we learn to have mercy upon others In our suffering we learn to pray In our weakness we learn to lean on God for strength