Blessed Carlo Acutis

May 3, 1991 - October 12, 2006

Feast Day: October 12

Carlo Acutis was an Italian Roman Catholic teenager. He was born on May 3, 1991 in London, where his parents worked. Just a few months later, his parents, Andrea Acutis and Antonia Salzano,moved to Milan.

He was best known for documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world and cataloging them on a website he created himself in the months before his death from leukemia. He was knownfor his cheerfulness and computer skills, as well as for his deep devotion to the Eucharist, which became a core theme of his life. Since the World Youth Days in Rio in 2013, Christian youth worldwide have heard the story of the cyber apostle.

His great confidant was the Virgin Mary and he daily prayed the rosary for Her. He said, “Our goal is to be infinite, not finite. Infinity is our homeland. We were always meant for Heaven ”.

When Carlo discovered that he was terminally ill in October 2006, he decided to dedicate his suffering to Christ on behalf of the Pope and the Church.

The call for beatification began not long after his death and gained significant momentum in 2013 after he was awarded the title of Servant of God - the first step on the path to holiness.Pope Francis declared him venerable on July 5, 2018; the same pope approved a miracle attributed to him, whereby Acutis can be beatified. The beatification took place on October 10, 2020 in Assisi.

The miracle leading to the beatification:

A Brazilian child miraculously recovered from a deadly pancreatic disease in 2013 after praying to Acutis - thus creating the miracle needed for beatification.

See also the site he made:

Carlo Acutis died on October 12, 2006 in Monza, Italy. He was buried on April 6, 2019 in Santa Maria Maggiore, Assisi, Italy.

He has become the future patron saint for the youth, students and the internet.

Last news:

Carlo Acutis was beatified October 10, 2020 in Assisi, Italy by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis recognized a miracle through the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis on 23/05/2024, which means he can now be canonized. Carlo Acutis thus becomes the first holy millennial in the Church.