The Lady of All Nations

 Amsterdam, Holland 1945 - 1959


Our Lady reportedly appeared and spoke by inner locution over several decades under the title of 'The Lady of All Nations' to a woman in Amsterdam name Ida Peerdeman. She had many messages of great importance for the future of the Church. She seemed to predict Vatican II and many of the specific issues addressed therein, more than ten years before the 'surprise' council was called. She affirmed that many areas of modernization in the Church were necessary so Rome could take advantage of the special opportunities given it in our day to evangelize using modern means. She warned of a grave danger to the Church in the late Twentieth Century: a resurgence of the modernist heresy. The Lady of All Nations predicted the 'final Marian dogma' proclaiming Our Lady 'Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate,' which would sum up and explain Marian theology, and would 'crown' Our Lady. These apparitions are under investigation by the Church as of this writing. Cardinal Ratzinger reportedly has written the visionary that there are no theological barriers to the possible proclamation of the dogma. Some speculate it could be the proclamation of this dogma that will create the official schism in the Catholic Church, which is foretold by many visionaries to happen in the latter days."

The Story of Amsterdam

On August 13, 1905, Ida Peerdeman is born in Alkmaar, Holland, as the youngest of five children. At the little one's baptism in the parish church, St. Joseph, she is given the name Isje Johanna, but she will always be called just Ida. The first apparition of Mary as the Lady of All Nations took place in Amsterdam on March 25, 1945, the Feast of the Annunciation. Her coming was an event that occurred in all silence and simplicity, hidden from the eyes of the world. In that year the Annunciation coincided with Palm Sunday. World War II was still going on in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam was living through a horrible period in its history. Ida and her sisters were sitting around ceramic heating oven, something similar to a pot belly stove, and talking about the war and the latest happenings. Fr. Frehe, Ida's confessor and friend, was in the city and came to visit. It is surely no coincidence that Our Mother began her revelations as the Lady of All Nations on the Feast of the Annunciation. It was on this day that Mary gave her consent to God and thereby made way for the salvation of mankind. In a sense she was repeating the act bringing through Her apparitions and messages the love and salvation of Her Lord and Master. Ida recounts that she saw a light in the corner of the adjoining room and she was drawn to it. Out of the light came the Lady. The Lady told Ida to repeat what She said after Her. Ida did so. The Lady spoke slowly. Fr. Frehe told Ida's sister to write down what Ida was saying and she did so. From 1945 until 1959, The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Ida Peerdeman, of Amsterdam, Netherlands fifty-six times. Our Lady requests the official recognition of her vocation as "Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate," promising that, "The Lady of All Nations will then give peace, true peace, to the world".

Through her various messages to Ida, Our Lady herself describes in detail how the image should look, what those details mean, and asks that an image be made of it. On the image, Our Lady describes: "I am standing on the globe and both of my feet are set upon it firmly. You also see my hands clearly, and my face, hair and veil. The rest is as in a haze. . .Now, I will explain to you why I come in this form. I stand as the Lady before the Cross - with head, hands, and feet as of a human being, with the body however, as of the Spirit, because the Son came through the will of the Father" (March 4, 1951). She continues to describe that the girdle she is wearing "represents the loin cloth of the Son" (April 15, 1951). The Devotion to the Lady of All Nations revolves around the following key elements: the Image, the Prayer, and the Spread of the Image and Prayer.

The Prayer of Amsterdam

On February 11, 1951, the prayer, which was prophesied six years before was finally given to Ida Peerdeman. Our Lady said: "Do pray in front of the cross:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations.
That they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate.

"This prayer has been given for the conversion of the world. Let this prayer accompany whatever you do in your daily life. This prayer should be spread in the churches and through modern means of communication. I have taught you that simple prayer to the Father and the Son. See that it is made known throughout the world, among all the Nations. They all have a right to it. Make sure that the prayer, which briefly and yet so urgently asks for the sending of the True, Holy Spirit, is spread as quickly as possible. Let everyone say this short and simple prayer every day! This prayer is purposely kept short and simple, so that every person may manage to say it, even in this modern and speed-mad world. It has been given, so that the coming of the Spirit of Truth may be implored for the world. You do not know what great value and power this prayer boasts before God. Our Lady promises, "by means of this prayer and title, She =The Lady of All Nations = may save the world from a universal calamity".

A summary of the Apparitions of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam on 2 April 1951 The Lady of All Nations said: "The world is not saved by force, the world will be saved by the Spirit... See that my prayer is made known throughout the world, among all the Nations. They all have a right to it. I assure you that the world will change. Say my prayer, then, nations, that the Holy Spirit will really and truly come. Make sure that every year the nations will be assembled around this throne, before this picture. This is the great favour that Mary, Miriam or The Lady of All Nations is allowed to bestow on the world". Later in that same message she goes on to say: "In her name ask the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who will come now more fully than ever."

On November 15, 1951, she pronounced:

"The Lady of All Nations is here, standing before the Cross of her Son; her feet are placed in the very mist of the world, and the flock of Jesus Christ surrounds her. It is as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix that I come at these times. I was Co-Redemptrix from the moment of the Annunciation. This is the meaning: the mother has been constituted Co-Redemptrix by the will of the Father. Tell this to your theologians. Tell them likewise that this dogma will be the last in Marian history."

February 17, 1952: The Church and the Cross.

The Lady is there again. She comes very close to me, and says: “Listen carefully and tell the theologians and peoples of this world to interpret my message well and to seek to understand it. The Lord Jesus Christ came and brought the Church and the Cross as a gift from the Lord and Creator. The Church is, and will remain. The Lord and Creator desire gratitude from the creature. The Church is the community of peoples who shall adore and honour the Lord and Creator, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. All those who have been placed over the community shall see to it that the Church remains and expands.”

March 20, 1953: The time has come.

I see the Lady of All Nations standing before me. She says: “Say that the time has now come. The time is here, the time in which the world shall know that I have come here as the Lady of All Nations. I want this to be made known to the world now. Tell this to the Pope’s Sacrista. This is my message to him. You shall not fear anything. He shall read all the messages and pass them on to the Holy Father. Do not be afraid, child. You will get there. Have no fear. For I am the one bringing this message. The time has come.” Now the Lady pauses for a long time and then says: “1953, that is the year of the Lady of All Nations.”

May 10, 1953: Special message for the Pope.

The Lady is standing before me. She says: “I have come today to bring a special message. Ask the Holy Father to pray the prayer––which Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title ‘The Lady of All Nations’, has given to the world––and to lead the nations in praying it.

Tell him: apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach your peoples this simple yet profound prayer. It is Mary, the Lady of All Nations, who asks this of you. You are the shepherd of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tend your sheep. Know well, great threats are hanging over the Church, are hanging over the world. Now the moment has come for you to speak of Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title ‘The Lady of All Nations’. Why is Mary asking this of you? Because she has been sent by her Lord and Creator so that, under this title and through this prayer, she may deliver the world from a great world catastrophe. You know that Mary wishes to come as the Lady of All Nations. She is now asking that the people may hear this title from you, the Holy Father.

May 31, 1955: " ...Satan is not banished yet".

"The Lady of All Nations" is now permitted to come in order to banish Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will only now descend over this earth. But you should say my prayer, the one I gave to the world. Every day and every moment you should think of the prayer ' the Lady of All Nations ' gave to this world at this time.

In the 1970s, the Foundation of the Lady of All Peoples took possession of the land at Diepenbrockstraat at a price that was almost symbolic. A secretariat was established, and a chapel, barely visible, was built there with, to the left of the altar, the painting of the Lady of All Peoples. That is where Ida Peerdeman spent the last years of her life.

Her life was filled with moral sufferings. It was very difficult for her to share her experiences, in part because of adversaries and refusals, and also in part because of her own concern to always transmit everything as faithfully as possible. For years, she only wished to disappear, to remain unknown, absolutely not wanting a role in the forefront. How often did she not repeat: “It is not I; I am merely an instrument; these are simply Our Lady’s messages.” Finally, on May 31, 1996, Ida saw her most cherished desire fulfilled: His Excellency Most Reverend Bomers, Bishop of Haarlem, in collaboration with his auxiliary bishop, Bishop Punt, authorized public devotion of the Lady of All Peoples, leaving everyone completely free to believe in the messages to which he himself did not hesitate to bear witness. “Now I can die”, Ida had said when she was informed of this news and she died the following June 17, at the age of ninety. At the last apparition, the Lady had said to her, “Adieu, see you in heaven.” His Excellency Bishop Bomers presided over her funeral held in the Chapel of the Lady of All Peoples.

As a result of the apparitions and visions, Ida worked very hard to propagate the Prayer, the Image, and Devotions to the Lady of All Nations. She died on June 17, 1996 (almost 91 years old), less than two months after the Bishops of the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam officially authorized public veneration of the Mother of God under the title "Lady of All Nations and gave a "nihil obstat" on the messages received by Ida from Our Lady.

Who once was Mary

Many have difficulty with the formulation who once was Mary. This is not surprising because the very first ones to have difficulty understanding the sense of these words were the visionary herself, followed by her spiritual director, Fr. Frehe, and finally Bishop Huibers, whose responsibility it was to give permission to print it. Therefore, in its first printing, the bishop, who likeed the prayer very much, simply left out this phrase which he did not understand. The prayer then ended: “May the Lady of All Nations be our Advocate.”
Our Lady, however, did not agree with the change. “‘May the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, be our Advocate’––that is to remain as it is.”

On 31 May 2002 Bishop Jozef Marianus Punt of Haarlem, having concluded a period of investigation, declared the apparitions accorded Ida Peerdeman, in which the Blessed Virgin Mary asked to be known as Our Lady of All Nations, to be "of a supernatural origin":
Declaration by his Excellency Bishop Joseph Maria Punt Bishop Of Haarlem, In Holland

His Exc. Bishop Joseph Maria Punt and his predecessor His Exc. Bishop Henrik Bomers

As Pope John Paul II asked us to say the Rosary on October 16, 2002, so too did The Lady of All Nations remind us to "persevere" in saying it. The Rosary is considered the spiritual weapon of defense providing graces of protection for our souls, our family, our nation and for all those for whom we pray.

The original text of all 56 apparitions to Ida Peerdeman can be found in the Book "The Messages of The Lady of All Nations", offered by Queenship Publishing Company. They can be reached at 1-800- 647-9882.

Last news

The Blessed Mother in the Amsterdam apparitions called herself “The Lady of All Nations” and warned of a coming age of “degeneration, disaster, and war.” But she offered help if Catholics would petition the Holy Father to proclaim the fifth and final Marian dogma with Mary as “advocate, mediatrix, and co-redemptrix.” That proclamation would be the capstone of the Church’s four “dogmas” or solemnly pronounced doctrines about the Virgin Mary. First, Mary is the Mother of God (Council of Ephesus, 431). Second, she is a Perpetual Virgin (Lateran Council, 649). Third, Mary was conceived without original sin, or her “Immaculate Conception” (Bl. Pius IX, 1854). And fourth, Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven, or her “Assumption” (Pius XII, 1950).

The Lady of All Nations promised that the proclamation of the fifth and final Marian dogma would bring about a descent of the Holy Spirit in a fashion akin to the Pentecost and the founding of the Holy Catholic Church after Christ’s Ascension from earth to heaven. To prepare the world for this mysterious new Pentecost, the Lady of All Nations asked the faithful to share the image of her apparition in Amsterdam and to daily recite a short prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,
send now your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all nations,
that they may be preserved from degeneration,
disaster, and war.
May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary,
be our Advocate.

Latest news January 1, 2021

Vatican reaffirms non-supernatural origins of alleged Marian apparition in Amsterdam

The Dutch diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam has affirmed the negative Vatican verdict on the alleged mid-20th-century apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Amsterdam. These alleged apparitions became known as the “Lady of All Nations,” a devotion that has since spread across the borders of the Netherlands.

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