Novena Blessed
Kateri Tekakwitha

Lily of the Mohawks

First Day - Union with God

"The Prayer" was the Mohawk name for religion; "praying Indian" the name for a Christian Indian. All was open in an Indian Village, and the priests had to pray publicly. Their converts assembled in the chapel for prayer. Prayer is union with God, and what else is religion? When Tekakwitha saw the missionaries at prayer in her uncle's cabin, the sight irresistibly attracted her. It helped to unite her with God, until her life became an act of prayer, of union with God.



Blessed Kateri
as you were drawn to God
by the prayers of the black robes who came to your village, now help us to draw close to God through prayer as well.
You filled your day with prayer admidst many trials -
help us also to see that prayer is our refuge for every
difficulty that we face.
Prayer filled you with joy and peace help us that we may find this same joy this same peace in our prayers as well.


Second Day - Grace - A Child of God

Grace is the thought that comes with mention of Tekakwitha. Unbaptized until her twentieth year, through no fault of her parents or her own, she still was a child of grace, which means that she grew up in God's favor. She did all the good she could to retain God's favor. Kateri was a child of grace. May we, like Our Lord, grow in wisdom, age and grace!



Blessed Kateri
your heart was opened to God's message,
your spirit was receptive
to God's voice,
help us now to find this quiet
space in our paths,
for listening . . .
to wait for direction in patience and to follow through with courage and firmness when the time is right.

Third Day - Holiness - Heroic Virtues

Holy are those whose faith, hope and charity are extraordinary, who cultivate the virtues: prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, and the good habits which grow out of these: prayer, humility, obedience, patience, resignation, penance. In all these Tekakwitha excelled.



Blessed Kateri
you placed the practice
of your faith above all other joys.
Although the price was heavy
your heart was not sad
for you held the joy of God
within you.
Strengthen our faith,
deepen our convictions
and pray that we too might
act with boldness in following in the footsteps of Christ.


Fourth Day - Names of Kateri

All her names inspire admiration and affection. Kateri, Iroquois form of Catherine, her baptismal name, means pure, and she was purity itself. "Lily of the Mohawks." Lily is the emblem of purity. She is known as "The Good Catherine", because so many have received favors by invoking her. St. Genevieve had saved Paris of Old France; Kateri was named Genevieve of New France after she had saved the mission and the missionaries. Tekakwitha means "putting things in order", or "moving before her". She put order among her people, and moves all by answers to prayer. This flower of our American wildwood is already Blessed; may she soon be named Saint!



Blessed Kateri,
you made the decision
to move from one village
to another in order to strengthen your desire to serve God.
Help us to follow through with decisions we too need to make in our lives to serve God. Give us the courage
to act boldly - the strength to do it, and the persistence to follow through each and every day.



Fifth Day - Innocence

One who is innocent will harm nobody, nor see evil in others; will not shock, scandalize or grieve them, but give them edification, pleasure, and win their admiration and affection. She remained innocent: thought no evil, harbored no suspicion, entertained no ill-will, as if she were not of this world.



Blessed Kateri,
so many times we have
wonderful ideas how we can
offer ourselves to God,
but many times, Gods ways are not our ways.
You gave yourself totally to God you embraced the cross in whatever form it presented itself each day.
Pray for us that we might too
say "yes" each day to the crosses placed before us.


Sixth Day - The Blessed Sacrament

Out from her Caughnawaga cabin at dawn and straight-way to chapel to adore the Blessed Sacrament, hear every Mass; back again during the day to hear instruction, and at night for a last prayer or Benediction. Her neighbors sought to be near her when she received Holy Communion, as her manner excited devotion.



Blessed Kateri,
help us to live with thankful hearts.
Help us to embrace even our greatest weaknesses with confidence - knowing all can work to our salvation.



Seventh Day - The Cross

Tekakwitha loved the image of the Cross. During the hunt she made an oratory in the woods by cutting a cross in the bark of a tree. The first picture of her, the only portrait of an Indian of that long ago, represents her venerating a small cross. It moved her to do penance in order to imitate Our Lord in His Passion.



O Blessed Kateri,
we need your patience and strength to continue to face the crosses we meet each day.
Help us in times of spiritual dryness to know God is preparing us for better times ahead.


Eighth Day - The Blessed Virgin

The faithful Indian convert women would tell her how affectionate her mother was. That would help her to know how affectionate the Mother of Christ was and still is in heaven. The rosary and the Litany were favorite prayers of hers. More than once she walked or canoed ten miles from her Mohawk village, Caughnawaga, to Tionontoguen, where the statue of Our Lady was venerated under the title, Virgin Most Faithful.



O Blessed Kateri,
help us to trust as you trusted.
Help us to see light even in our present difficulities.
Help us to know that God
has not abandoned or moved from us.
Help us to know help us to believe God is with us.


Ninth Day - Invocation

Although we are not yet permitted to express publicly the belief that Tekakwitha is among the Saints in Heaven, it is our private belief and we pray that the Church may soon declare it. While awaiting this, we invoke her aid. Wonderful are the favors attributed to her. While praying for our own needs, we should pray for her canonization.



O Blessed Kateri,
now you know such joy
that Heaven alone can contain it.
Open our hearts to be free
and open to this day and each day given to us.
Help us in our weaknesses
our fears, and our trials
to trust and trust and trust
in the goodness and kindness of God.




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