Gidle, Healing from Blindness

Doctors said diagnosis – full blindness


15th March 2007 (e–mail)

Thursday, 18th January 2007. In front of the Sanctuary of the Holy Mother of Gidle stops a bus. 50 pilgrims go out of the bus, most of them are young people, but also several adults: a teacher, several parishioners, two extraordinary dispensers of the Most Holy Sacrament, a sister (nun)... They arrived to ask the Holy Mother for a grace of healing for a very sick child. They also pray for healing of one more person – but they do not know her last name. They did not know exactly for whom they pray, they did not know even that the person was among of them... Despite the fact that they saw her everyday, they talked to her, they prayed together and said jokes, they did not realise that she was very ill since a long time and that she heard from the doctors the pronouncement few days ago – full blindness... Several years ago in the organism of the more then thirty years woman appeared cancer. A malignant tumour attacked a breast.

(The nun says): – I asked the Lord not to take me to Himself before my parents. Looking from human point of view, they lost me already one time, when I chose to become a nun, to sacrifice myself totally to the God (The Holy Trinity).

In the left eye I lost 86 percent of vision range during several years, in the right eye the similar situation repeated itself in very short time – a losing of vision range in 80 percent, but illness advanced further...

(The nun says): – I became reconciled with the Lord’s will, but despite the fact I was very frightened. I was looking at the surrounding world, at the people who were around of me and I tried to remember everything. I wanted to remember a colour of flowers, sunlight, the faces of my beloved people. I knew that within several coming days my eyes would be wrapped by darkness –almost everyday I had moments when I did not see anything. During the pilgrimage to the Holy Mother of Gidle, I prayed for a grace of healing for the sick child, because in this intention we arrived here. I did not know that all people pray also for me.

The chapel of the Holy Mother of Gidle – the prior presented the history of the Sanctuary to all pilgrims who arrived, he said about several miraculous healings... In the total silence, about 50 persons started to storm the Lord’s throne. They asked the Holy Mother for help, for intercession. They believed that the Holy Mary of Gidle can obtain everything what appeared impossible, thinking in human way, by plaguing Her Son. Many of pilgrims gave to the Lord their promises. For many of them, the words of the father prior which he said before prayer, that it was important to get rid of all traumas for other people from their heart, to get rid of rancour, anger or perhaps simply hatred...

(The father prior says): You will notice how totally different will be your prayer in such case!

Few minutes later, in front of the Miraculous Figure of the Holy Mother, it is heard soft singing – „Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est...”. Yes, it appears that at that time everybody understood that the Lord can be found only among love and goodness, that the words „ask and you will receive” (Matthew 7.7) have to be preceded by a desire of peace, that it is impossible having hardened heart to unite with two, three or fifteen persons and expect that He (the Lord) will be among them... Already in this moment, grace started to act. A grace of breaking down of rankling traumas, a consolation of souls, a removal of scars after experienced unpleasantness, after experienced harm. A grace of understanding, entrusting and peace. Only in such case, it is possible to ask. With full faith that if it will be the Lord’s will, everything is possible...

From the pews, one by another go out the pilgrims. In concentration they kneel down and they go on their knees around of the altar. That simply, human gesture of humbling oneself in front of the Lord has in this moment also another meaning – it is request. Request on knees, but so strong, humble, but such courageous, expressed in a silence of hearts, but such shouting...

(The nun says): – During this soft prayer I looked obstinately at the Figure of the Holy Mother. In the first moment I completely stopped to see anything. Almost gropingly, by instinct, went on my knees to the altar. I was frightened that I would go to wall. Moving in the direction of the Holy Mother, I was thinking that it should happen in this way, I expected that I would not see anything, I would be blind...Somewhere in the subconscious I wanted to participate in this pilgrimage very much, but in fact I did not think about myself. (...) I went around the altar on knees. Soon my eyesight came back. And after – step by step I was experiencing the improving of my eyesight...  

Before we left the Sanctuary, the nun ordered the Holy Mass for a healing of the sick child. One moment later somebody comes to the father prior and says about the second intention of the pilgrims. The person says about the situation and ask for the next Holy Mass, this time in intention of the nun who was imperilled by blindness. The father suggests to say 9 Holy Masses. The prayers starts on the second day... The pilgrims are coming back home...

(The nun says): – After returning home I was very tired. On the next day I did not experience the losing eyesight anymore. Only in the evening I realised what happened, I was happy and I said thank you to the Lord, I did not think that it was a grace of healing. I was thinking that it was because I did not work hard this day. After the next day, during which I worked very hard, I realised that during this day I also did not lose my eyesight. In this moment the hope was waked up in my heart...

The whole time I felt apprehension that perhaps it was only temporarily improvement; apprehension what will say the doctor... It was quite human incredulity that healing had happened. But, however!

After several days, I went to a doctor who said previous diagnosis. At the beginning it was full surprise, confusion, a renewed reading of the illness history, request to the another oculist for consultation. The right eye was completely healthy, it was lack of any signs of the former illness, full range of vision! In the left eye, a process of illness was stopped...

Indispositions connected to cancer illness disappeared. The nun waits for the next medical examinations, this time oncological which perhaps again will surprise the doctors. „For the Lord there is nothing impossible” (Luke 1.37).

We all believe in God. We do not know, do not understand, do not imagine, but we believe. When we indirectly experience His presence, when we see His love and omnipotence in our lives, our faith becomes stronger. Thank You, the Lord for the grace of healing, thank You, the Lord, for the grace of strengthening our faith...

Elaborated by B.B.

Several days before our pilgrimage to the Holy Mother of Jasna Gora (Czestochowa), the Holy Mother of Gidle and the Holy Mother of Lesniowiec, I learnt out that the sister (the nun) who had done so many for my family, was losing her eyesight. I could not imagine that we would be left without her, without the nun given us by the Lord. I asked the Lord warm for a  grace of healing her. Now, I thank the Lord and the Holy Mother of Gidle – thanks to Her intercession the Lord heard our prayers”.

A. M-B.


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