Saint Anthony of Padua

Doctor of the Church
1195 - 1231


Feast Day: June 13

Also known as: Saint Anthony of Lisbon; Santo António de Lisboa

Anthony of Padua is a Catholic saint, who was born August 15, 1195 near Lisbon, to a wealthy family and given the name Fernando. He was sent to the cathedral school in Lisbon, but in 1210, at the age of 15 he entered the Augustinian monastery of Sao Vicente in Lisbon, against the wishes of his family. But in their monastery near his native city he was distracted by visits from relatives and friends. After two years, Fernando asked to be transferred. He was sent to Holy Cross in Coimbra, a great center of learning and capital of Portugal at that time. He devoted the next eight years of his life to study and prayer, immersing himself in Sacred Scripture.

When news of the Franciscan martyrs in Morocco reached him, he joined the Franciscan Order in 1221, when he was 26 years old. At his own request, he was sent as a missionary to Morocco with the mission of preaching among the Moors. He had to return to Europe because of ill health. After this, St Anthony was moved to Romagna (Italy) and spent 9 months as a chaplain to hermits. He was so modest that he thought nothing of spending his days carrying on the lowliest duties of the kitchen and convent. But the Lord had bigger plans for this holy man. At an ordination ceremony, the priest who was about to give the sermon fell ill suddenly and St Anthony was called upon to give the sermon in his place. Although he refused with humility at first, he eventually had to do so because of his vow of obedience to his supperior. The rest as they say, is history!

The last two years of his life he spent in Padua, preaching, hearing confessions and working to help the poor. St. Antony died on June 13th, 1231 at Arcella, a suburb of Padua in the apartment reserved for the chaplain of the sisterhood of Poor Clares of Arcella. There he received the last rites and died. He was only 36.

Saint Antony was canonized in 1232 by Pope Gregory IX and declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XII in 1946. He holds the record for the second fastest canonization in history: he was declared a saint 352 days after his death. In 1263, a basilica was built in his honor.

He was above all the greatest preacher of the middle ages and one of the finest orators of all time. Today he is one of the most famous saints and is often called upon by Catholics to help find lost possessions. Saint Anthony of Padua is usually sculpted or portrayed holding the child Jesus, or a lily or a book, or all three, in his arms. A bank of vigil lights will burn in front of the statue.

Patron Saint: associated with the return of lost articles and missing persons.


Prayer to Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus, who received from God the special power of restoring lost things, grant that I may find {mention your petition} which has been lost. As least restore to me peace and tranquility of mind, the loss of which has afflicted me even more than my material loss. To this favor, I ask another of you: that I may always remain in possession of the true good that is God. Let me rather lose all things than lose God, my supreme good. Let me never suffer the loss of my greatest treasure, eternal life with God.

Novena to Saint Anthony of Padua

From 4th to 12th of June

Opening Prayer
Most lovable St. Anthony, we honor you as God's servant for your fidelity and perseverance in His service. May we always be assisted by your merits and intercession in following your example. Amen.

1st Day

V. O God, come to my assistance;
R. Make haste, Lord to help me.
St. Anthony, great wonder-worker, God has honored you abundantly by granting many miracles through your intercession. In your goodness, kindly come to my aid now, and hear my request. Amen.

Closing Prayer

O God, may it always be a source of joy to your Church that we honor the memory of St. Anthony, your Confessor and Doctor. May his spiritual help make us strong, and his assistance help us gain an everlasting reward. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

2nd Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. Hear me, O God, and have pity on me;
R. O Lord, be my helper.
Lovable St. Anthony, I come to you with complete confidence in your favor before God who heeds your pleas for those in need. Forget me not in your place of heavenly glory, and intercede for me. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

3rd Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. Be not far from me, O Lord;
R. Awake, and be vigilant, O God, in my defense.
Glorious St. Anthony, I acknowledge my weakness and my many sins against theAlmighty. Despite my unworthiness, please assist me in my pressing necessity. In your kindness, plead my cause. Amen

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

4th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. Make your ways known to me, O Lord;
R. Teach me your paths.
Zealous St. Anthony, help me now to appreciate God's purpose in my life, and be my powerful patron in granting my intention. You will, I am sure, beg God's mercy for me in my difficulties. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

5th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord;
R. Lord, hear my voice.
Most chaste St. Anthony, by your love for Christ and His Church I implore your aid in my anxiety, and ask your prompt response. You show the power of God's saints by your ready aid to His people. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

6th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. My help is in the name of the Lord;
R. Who made heaven and earth.
Most humble St. Anthony, your dedication to poverty has enriched the Church with countless favors and blessings. I beg your assistance in my behalf so I may be enriched by honoring your example. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

7th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. All that the Lord wills He does;
R. In heaven and on earth.
O good St. Anthony, you comfort those like me who sorrow. Be with me as I give solace to others in imitation of you. Forget not my need in my difficulty, and entreat our God for me. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

8th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V.The Lord defends His people;
R. He is merciful to His servants.
Blessed St. Anthony, in your life you were a model of perfection who worked wonders for those afflicted. From your place in heaven, come now to my aid, and beg from God the answer to my petition. Amen.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)

9th Day

Opening Prayer (as in day 1)

V. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good;
R. His mercy endures forever.
Faithful St. Anthony, my heart overflows with gratitude. I know your power with God is great, and that you will obtain for me my heart's desire. Help me now, I beg you, to serve God as faithfully as you did. Amen.
V. St. Anthony whom the infant Jesus so much loved and honored.
R. Grant us what we ask of you.

Closing Prayer (as in day 1)



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