A Letter of Jesus to You,
to pray with Him



      I am Jesus of Nazareth, and I am always with you, like the sun is always with you, even on a winter night when you don't see it… if the sun were not with you, you would be frozen, even more that in the North Pole.

      I am your friend and I want to help: Take a minute and tell me about your problem… yes, I know it well!… but if you talk to me about it, it means that you have faith in me, and to have faith in me is the way I can help you, and, besides, you show you want to be my friend… I am listening!.

      Tell me about your dreams, your successes and failures, your problems at home, in the neighborhood, at work… take a little time… friends spend time with each other, and talk about it all…. and I can help, I really want to help… but I will never force you into anything, I am with you like a dove, like the Holy Spirit, but with the hurricane power of Pentecost, able to fill you up with my own love and joy and peace…

      I know you don't see me… but also you don't see the waves of radio and television, and they are there with you!… you only need a good radio or TV set… a good set to see me is prayer, specially to see the results of what I can do for you…

      Watch out after prayer!… for sure I am going to answer you!, probably not with words, but with deeds!… that's the way God usually talks: Giving you your hands and feet and heart, and the air and sun… and giving you your relatives and friends, and the sky and animals and roses… all the scientists have been unable to make a petal of of rose, not even a leaf of a tree or one of your hairs!.

      I always answer your prayers with a big YES!… if there is a storm in your life, and you pray, I will always answer you in either one of these two ways: I will calm the storm, or I will calm you, and you will pass through the storm with the joy and peace I can give.

      So, tell me about your storm: Your sickness, your problem with your husband or wife or children or parents or friends or enemies… your problem at work, with money… that big problem of your soul… I really enjoy listening to you, I have all the time of the world for you… thank you for your company, for your friendship…

      When you pray with a friend or for a friend, I am with you in a very special way, like the sun is with you on a beautiful springtime day… because then, you not only believe in me, but you also believe in my Church… and that's a great joy for me, as I said in Matt.18:19-20.

      So, take a little time and tell me about the problems or dreams of your relatives, or friends, or enemies… I can help them, and I want to help them, I really want!… but I need the spark of your prayer, of your friendship, of your faith… I need you!… your friends need you!…

      Thank you for this time with me… and watch out!… don't forget to give thanks to God when you get the good results you asked for, in your own life, or in the life of your friends.

      One suggestion more: Whenever you can, go and visit me in the Eucharist, in the Tabernacle, at the Temple: I am also there present, but as the sun in summer on a hot noon, with my Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity… all of me!… I am in love with you… let me love you, just show me your faith and friendship by just visiting me, and receiving the whole of me in your heart. I am waiting for you. I want to be your daily bread of life (Jn.6:48-58, Matt.6:11).

      Thank you for this time. Your friend,

      Jesus of Nazareth






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